Release Station June 29, 2021

This Back and Shoulder Workout Will Help You Stand Up Tall

Many people tend to skip back work in favor of pressing exercises when they strength train, which tends to make the muscles in the front of the body, like the shoulders, stronger and more developed. As a result, this imbalance between front and back muscles can lead to rounding or hunching with your posture.

That’s why exercises that strengthen your rear delts—the small muscles on the back of your shoulders—are especially important. Those muscles help stabilize your shoulders, which can prevent injury, both when you are strength training and in everyday movement

This back and shoulder workout will make sure you are working toward balanced strength, and because of its focus on single-arm moves, you’ll get a good dose of core work in there too. Because your body needs to resist rotating when you’re moving weight on one side—like with the single-arm row—your core will fire to stabilize it.

Here’s what you need to strengthen your back and your shoulders right at home.

The Workout

What you need: Two pairs of dumbbells. (You’ll want to go lighter on the reverse fly and the lateral-to-front raises.)


Superset 1

  • Single-arm row
  • Reverse fly

Superset 2

  • Alternating overhead press
  • Lateral raise to front raise


  • Complete 10–15 reps of each exercise. (For the single-arm moves, you’ll do that number on each side.) Perform 4 rounds of each superset, resting 1–2 minutes between them. In both sets, try not to rest between exercises.

This Back and Shoulder Workout Will Help You Stand Up Tall