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The Point Of Doing “POINTLESS” Things
Doing something for yourself, just because you enjoy it and without there having to be any purpose to it. In times of great uncertainty this can prove to bring valuable moments of comfort. Suddenly, during the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us found ourselves confined at home. Some could continue to work from home, others were unable to do so because they run a store, café or hairdresser’s, for example. This...
Matching Essential Oils and Diffusers to Your Daily Routines
When it comes to essential oil for diffuser, it is normally straightforward. We all have different scents for different spaces and purposes. Applying the suggestion of mixing essential oil below to explore different results with existing scents at home. Using an essential oil diffuser is fairly straightforward: Just drop in some water and oils, press go, and let it stream the pretty scents of whatever plant you’ve chosen. But a...
8 Relaxing Exercises That Will Release Tension From Your Entire Body
When I’m really stressed, I feel it in my body. And if you’re anything like me, you’ve also been feeling super tense lately. But there are relaxing exercises we all can do to both reduce total-body tension and calm our worried minds. They might not be a cure-all, but they may make you feel better for the moment. “We tend to separate out the mind and the body, and they’re so linked,” clinical psychologist Charlynn...